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    Baby Massage and Yoga in Harrogate, Leeds, Knaresborough, Wetherby and Boston Spa

  • About Baby May Massage and Yoga

    Covering Harrogate, Leeds, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Boston Spa and surrounding areas

    We offer combined baby massage, yoga and sensory play classes in wonderfully nurturing environments. The classes are perfect for:

    • New parents to further bond with their babies
    • Building friendships with other parents
    • Stimulating your babies sensory development through play
    • Learning different massage strokes
    • Acquiring yoga moves
    • Singing nursery rhymes and having fun!

    Our classes are designed for babies aged six weeks to crawling – we carry out classes in carefully selected venues or we can come to your home if you prefer.


    Classes can be one to one or in groups - NCT classes are very welcome!


    We get to know every baby and believe that each and every one learns to relax and enjoy the massage and yoga at their own pace. We encourage this in a safe and fun environment through sensory play.


    We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Benefits

    Baby massage & yoga offers many benefits

    Clinical benefits

    The benefits of massage for babies in hospital are shown to include:

      • Faster weight gain in premature babies
      • Accelerated brain and visual development in newborn babies
      • Reduced sepsis and hospital stay in very premature and newborn babies

      Additional benefits

      Other benefits include:

      • Improves babies sleep patterns
      • Helps relieve gas and colic
      • Helps stimulate sensory development
      • Gives parents new ways to interact and bond with their babies
      • Builds confidence in parents through baby handling
      • Improves positive interactions between fathers and their babies
    • Courses

      Our courses combine baby massage, yoga and sensory play

      Basic information

      The details

      • Our courses are 5 or 10 weeks long, and each class lasts one hour
      • Each class combines baby massage, yoga, sensory stimulation, acupressure, relaxation and singing!
      • All classes are small, friendly and relaxed
      • Classes are baby led and adapted to suit all babies needs
      • Each class is at the same venue and same time each week
      • Courses cost £50 for 5 weeks or £90 for 10 weeks - both include a 30ml bottle of oil to take home and a certificate upon completion

      Current courses

      Happening right now

      Classes running Tuesdays, Wednesdays and now Thursdays in Harrogate, Pannal, Burn Bridge, Knaresbrough, Boston Spa and Leeds

      • Places available from 2nd January 2018 in Harrogate and 3rd January 2018 in Adel, Leeds
      • Saturday 13/1/18 - Daddies class - 10.30-11.30. At The Fitness Garage, Harrogate
      • Private courses in your home available Wednesday afternoons upon request - minimum 6 mummies/ babies required

      T & Cs

      The small print

      • All classes must be booked in advance due to limited places
      • Full payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place
      • We accept payment by PayPal or electronic bank transfer
      • If a cancellation is made 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the start of the class/ course, then 80% of the fee will be refunded
      • If cancellations are made after this time we cannot provide a refund. The reason for this is that there is little chance we will be able to re-book cancelled spaces in our classes and we may have turned other bookings down
      • You remain responsible for your child at all times throughout each class
      • We reserve the right to cancel a course if we have insufficient numbers, we require a minimum of 6 people in the group. If this happens we will offer you a place on a subsequent course, or refund your money
      • We cannot offer a refund for missed classes in the 5 or 10 week courses, but will try our best to offer you a catch up class at an alternative venue
    • Reviews

      Don't just take our word for it - here is what some mummies and daddies say about us!

      Clare and Willow

      20 weeks with the lovely Kate!

      Me and my little girl absolutely loved this class. We spent 20 weeks with the lovely Kate doing both baby massage and then following on to do story massage. Baby massage really enabled me to create a lovely bond with Willow, and Kate made it fun and relaxing at the same time.
      Story massage was a great follow on. I loved how the babies could interact with each other whilst continuing to sing nursery rhymes and have the bond of massaging at the same time. It really makes a difference who leads the class, and after experiences of many different classes I can honestly say Kate is by far the most friendly, professional and knowledgeable teacher I've come across. I'd recommend this class to everybody!

      Matthew and Elias

      Excellent sensory toys

      An excellent range of accessories and props for sensory games with the kids. A real positive place for mums, babies and dads too! Made to feel at ease in the classes and Elias has loved every minute of his time there...Thanks guys, Matt.

      Casey and the twins

      The twins loved it!

      Amazing 5 week course. I loved it, the babies loved it.
      Learned loads. I'm really looking forward to carrying on what we learnt at home.

      Yasmin and George

      More than just a mummy and baby class ...

      I can only describe Kate as a ball of fun and energy. She is so proactive and works very hard to ensure you and your baby get the most out of your baby massage sessions.
      I've done both the early baby massage classes and the older story and movement massage ones. I've just signed up to the next story massage sessions as I enjoyed them so much.

      Having a baby can be quite an isolating time and and it felt lovely to go to this group weekly. Meeting the other Mums and talking about our experiences with our babies was a part of the session which was more personal and helped us get to know each other.

      Liz and Harris

      A huge help with trapped wind

      My son & I really enjoyed the classes with Kate. He was only 5 weeks old when we started and got a lot from the mix of massage, singing and sensory stimulation. My son struggled with trapped wind and the massage techniques have been such a huge help. It's a bit of a running joke that he does a huge nappy the evening after his class! I would really recommend baby may massage. Thank you Kate x

      Evelyn and Elsa

      My baby now sleeps through the night!

      I would highly recommend this course to anyone! There are songs to go with the moves so you can easily remember them. We do baby massage and yoga every night before bath time, and our baby loves it. She has started sleeping through the night since we did the course too. We also did the daddy and baby course which was just fun and an excellent way for baby/daddy to bond.

      Salina and Dylan

      This is where Dylan first discovered his toes and began rolling!

      Just completed Kate's course, my son was 4.5 months old at the time. He loved the class and was very relaxed throughout! The mixture of yoga, massage, sensory stimulation and music all make for a fun filled hour long class. In fact it was through these classes that Dylan first discovered his toes and began rolling!
      Kate's approach is relaxed & calming and Dylan was smitten with her! Well worth investing the time to do this class. We might do it again at a later date.

      Jessica and Zachory

      Kate's class calmed and engaged my baby

      Kate is so welcoming and puts on a relaxed yet professional course which is genuinely enjoyable for new mums and babies. The class was small which allowed plenty of time out to change and feed babies and there's lots of tips so you can do the massages at home. I did a few different classes before this (my baby was seven weeks when we started) and it was the first one he engaged with and was calm! A must-do course for new mums. Thank you Kate.

      Louise and Amber

      The songs made it for me

      My daughter and I absolutely loved this class. Kate is so lovely. She gave really clear instructions and would adjust the class dependent on how the babies were that day. The equipment we had to use really stimulated the babies senses...flashing balls and mirrors etc. It was lovely to do the routines while singing...I'd forgotten how many nursery rhymes and songs I still knew! I thoroughly recommend Baby May!! It's a great course that helps you bond with your baby.

      Tanja and Rudy

      Fantastic teacher

      I absolutely loved the 5 week baby massage/sensory/yoga course with Kate. She was a fantastic teacher who was really friendly and welcoming and took time to get to know us and our babies. My son could be in a cranky mood but would instantly be calm and happy upon entering the class. It was a really enjoyable bonding experience with him which I looked forward to every week. He started to actually enjoy tummy time in Kate's class which he hated and I now use a lot of the massage techniques on him on a daily basis which he loves. I just wish someone would give me a daily massage!! I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn baby massage and have a lovely bonding experience with their baby.

    • About me

      Why I set-up Baby May

      Kate Felgate

      Founder, teacher and mummy!

      After having my daughter Sophia, I didn’t want my maternity leave to end ... I just couldn't go back to my job in the commercial world as a Business Manager, working long hours and travelling heaps. So I decided to start my own business and I re-trained as a baby massage and yoga therapist (my 'Relax and Sing - baby massage & yoga' training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwifes. I am fully insured and BDS checked). I now love what I do, it’s so rewarding and it also means I get to spend more time seeing my little girl grow up!


      So... I know and understand just how important it is to get out of the house, socialise and meet new like minded mummies when you have a new baby.


      It can be really difficult to fit baby classes into your new routine, so you might need to be selective. Thankfully, with Baby May - Massage & Yoga, you get three in one (massage, yoga and sensory play) - I designed this course for parents like you to get the most out of a class with your baby.


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